Welcome To South Coast Wire Industries

We are experts in the wire manufacturing industry with over 28 years of experience.

By focusing on our keys to success we are able to provide our clientele with professional service. “Our Products – Your Solution”

Providing a quality product & professional service on time and on budget.

Working honestly by developing a follow-up strategy to gauge performance and build trust with all our Customers.

Developing an end to end construction product and services capability..

About Us

Board Room

Since 1989 we have been a family owned and operated business committed to being a Manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods throughout the region. Our first and foremost commitment is to our local community, using a local workforce with locally available all sources of raw material.

As we continued to experience demands from the local community our small business expanded into what we are today, a ‘multi-faceted’ Manufacturing company. From our original scope of Sweets products we now manufacture full range of Construction materials.